Palestra sobre o D&D na GenCon

Um usuário da EN World compareceu ao seminário do departamento de design e desenvolvimento da Wizards na GenCon. Ele postou suas impressoas assim como a resposta para algumas perguntas aqui.

Resource Management
All classes have defined roles – a fighter is never penalized for being a “tank”, a “healer” is never penalized for curing, a mage is never penalized for “magic missiling”

All characters have at will, per encounter, and per day uses they will have to keep track of.
No more mages pulling out crossbows. You will never be penalized for doing what you do best – your clearly defined roles.

Encounters will be built differently in 4th edition
There will be much more “situation” and complexity in the environment, swinging bridges, gouts of lava, etc.
An encounter is like a scene of a play – could be talking to a town guard, could be defending a town gate, could be traversing the mountainside to enter the shrine of Asmodeus.

There will be many more monsters for PC’s to fight. It’s more fun that way. There are very few encounters that are built to be all the PC’s against one big powerful bad guy. There will be more mechanics built to leverage the monsters and THEY’RE fundadmental roles. An ettin will be talking to itself throughout the encounter. This is the “monster’s job on the battlefield” this is how he reacts.

The fog of war is much more interesting because when you approach an orc, he isn’t a set of specific stats. He has a very specific role, and you won’t know what it is until he unleashes it on the battlefield.

Heroic 1-10
Paragon 11-20
Epic 21-30

Increase of magic across the board in all aspects of the game.

Monster Manual is a 288 pagebook, with over 300 monsters
New format for stat blocks, simpler and easier to use

D&D is still a Tabletop RPG – now it could be in person or on internet

Cooperative storytelling
The D&D world is points of light in a big dark world, sword and sorcery (medevil fantasy)
Lots of blank spaces on the map

Greyhawk will not be default setting in core
We want to leverage the assets of the assumed parts of a D&D world – Mordenkainen, Bigby, Vecna, Llolth, Tiamat, Asmodeus, etc. However, we also want to call upon the great mythology that is more commonly known such as Thor, etc.

More options, not restrictions. Everyone will be a constructive, useful member of the party, no accidental lame characters

Vancian magic system – there’s an element of that we held on to, but it’s a much smaller fraction of their overall power. A wizard will never completely run out of spells. They can run out of their “mordenkainen’s sword, however”.

D20 gaming system – this is still a d20 game and game system. We got rid of the parts that didn’t help it out, but most of the things that work continue to be used.

Skill system – familiar but truncated. Getting rid of tailor, rope use, etc. Focus on the skills that are really useful in an encounter. Saga edition is a significant stride forward and should be considered a preview. Same for profression, etc. We want characters making acrobatics, bluff, jump, etc. No characters will be stuck at 10th level saying “oh I never invested in that.” Hide/Move Silent are brought together. Now an important part of your character, and here’s how to apply it to an encounter. It’s rarely a check and done, it’s now, I make a check, and they react to it. What happens now.

Primarily focused on physical products (PH, MM, DMG).

Living Greyhawk – will be coming to a triumphant close next year, and they will be starting fresh with a new batch of characters and players. This will be discussed tonight or tomorrow

4 parts of 4E
Physical Products
Organized Play – conventions, tournaments, etc.
Working much closer with R&D to integrate
Chris Tulac(?) part of the playtesting, in from the ground up
Digital Offerings
Think of this like the second DVD with “extras”

Character Building: Less feat trees, easier for characters to swap out abilities much easier and try different things out. Each level from 1 – 30 each character will have interesting character development options to choose.

Personalizing and specializing your character is amped up, it’s one of the most powerful things about 4th edition. If you’re a barbarian, you’re not a frenzied berserker. If you’re a barbarian, you’re a barbarian for your entire career. The frenzied berserker and bear warrior will be at the very end.

Multiclassing – lots of compelling and interesting choices. A fighter who dabbles in wizard or dabbles in cleric is something compelling, Andy’s brother is playing a rogue wizard and he’s said in the conversion this is the character I wanted to play all along. The choices and powers are good powers on both sides. Backstab, throw chromatic orb across the room, then teleport across the room. There is no more “crappy fightrer” attached to a “crappy wizard”

XP not getting rid, and for those not comfortable with eyeballing it will have a clear time as to when to advance. Much easier for the DM. I’ll build a level 8 encounter, totaling 8000 xp, this one, plus this one = 8000 done. No tables. Monsters have a level, just like characters. “A group vs. a “group” of 5th level is about the same as an EL5 encounter today.

4 player groups as the baseline? They are aiming for right around 5. Encounters are more modular, and now that there are a bunch, it’s a lot easier to scale it. Most data is 4-6 players are 80% or more of the gaming groups out there.

Iron Heroes vs. 4th Edition – Mike
Yes, there are some similiarities, ie, putting more emphasis on the class vs. the items for characters.

D&D Insider – DRM, Downloadable vs. view online
We are still investigating, digital issues will be usable without being connected. Books – You will need to be logged in to use them. Still working out how to make this work for you and for us.

Will the Wizard and Sorcerer merge? No. How many core classes? More than 3 less than 15, see the “pre-releases” at

“We had an expression from earlier discussions, the ranger kills the scout and takes his stuff…sorry Scout, you’re not going to make it. But now the Ranger’s going to be cooler because he’s taking all your stuff.”

Do you know why the sorcerer’s in the game (3.5)? 1/3 of the PH was supporting only one class, hence the sorcerer came about.

Monstrous races? Can you still make kobold barbarians?
We’re not going to put limitations on the way we build monsters to make them work right. We know there are monsters that will become player character races. For example, it will be obvious how to play a goblin PC right out of the monster manual and PH.

Will the D&D Insider authors be considered “canon”? Yes, it is our intention to treat this material as integral to the game and to the campaign worlds.

Will alignment be a factor in the new edition?
It’s not going to be what it is now. Alignment is part of the story, part of the character. It is a useful shorthand, but too many books and too many players mistake it for limitation. We want to treat alignment as something bigger than that. We won’t get rid of it, but we don’t want it to be a replacement for character and personality.

Platform compatability?
Starting with PC, because there are more.

When can we start to play?
Module comes out in April, with Quick Start rules. You could start that early.
All the great content in Dragon and Dungeon magazines will be 4e, and will be relevant to 4e. We can start playing a month early.

Magical Item Creation – they will no longer use Magic Item XP. XP are NOT a resource to be spent.

FR will be the first campaign setting they support for 4e. They will get around to all of them, much of it will be available early on D&D Insider.

Every adventure we put in Dungeon magazine will be portable to the Digital Gametable.

Magic Item Creation
We tried to fool ourselves into the fact that there was a hard pricing, but we started recognizing that with MIC, that we should look at them more wholistically. There will not be magic item creation rules for DM’s as we realize that as professional game designers we don’t even get it right every time. We’re going to give you lots and lots of examples and suggest that you build it, test it, etc. Will it be easier for a wizard to create magic items?

Yes, characters can still build magic items, it will be a way for characters to acquire things, but it will be more flexible and easier. There will be a preview article on this in two weeks on D&D Insider. Three releases a week (this one will be on Wed).

Design philosophies on races. There is a tiefling on the player’s handbook. There may also be a changeling (from Eberron). Design philosophies of races. Mike did all the talking, where there will be a very REAL ACTIVE difference within the races that will really make a difference between the Dwarf Fighter and an Elven Fighter.

Will we be doing ECL?
That’s a good example of something applied to the game to help make somethings work easier. We don’t want to recreate this. We’re not going to give you rules to play a blink dog fighter… There will be many more choices, however, and we want to make sure they are all playable right out of the gate. If say, for instance, we put a tiefling in the PH, we would certainly want to make it playable right out of the gate. So, for example, we might have had to make a lot of the other races a little bit cooler to keep the balance straight between the races.

Novidades demais para um post só! As habilidades serão divididas em por dia, por encontro e liberadas e TODOS os personagens terão os três tipos de habilidades. Não me parece o tipo de solução que simplifica o jogo.

Os encontros construídos com mais ênfase no ambiente ao redor dos personagens e com foco na ação é totalmente Iron Heroes, o que é ótimo! Os papéis para os monstros durante um encontro me pareceram um pouco estranho, mas isso esta com muita cara de idéia do Mike Mearls, então vamos dar um desconto e ver como fica o resultado final. No geral todo esse esforço para encontros mais turbulentos e excitantes me agrada muito já que é algo que sempre quis transpor para os meus jogos ainda que não funcione algumas vezes…

Greyhawk não será mais o cenário base, o que me alegra demais. Não curto o cenário e acho que ele também deve se dar melhor sem o peso de ser o default de D&D. Sobre os talentos a declaração de menos árvores de talentos e maior facilidade para “experimentar” habilidades me surpreendeu muito, já que imaginava que muitas classes de prestígio e mesmo básicas fossem condensadas através da criação de mais árvores de talentos. E sobre esse lance de experimentar e trocar de habilidades, é melhor que não seja um rebuild nos moldes do PHII, ou o Giltônio acabou de pular fora do barco.

Iron Heroes vs. 4th Edição. O Iron Heroes é um livro muito bacana e aposto que o D&D só tem a ganhar nessa ótima relação. Maior ênfase nas habilidades de classe ao invés de intens mágicos é um caminho muito bom que certamente vai agilizar o jogo e tornar os personagens ainda mais heróicos. Curti muito mesmo, ainda que possa entrar em conflito com alguns aspectos de Eberron. Isso somado com o fato dos livros básicos não terem mais regras para itens mágicos certamente apontam para um D&D cada vez menos dependente de penduricalhos mágicos.

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