Algum futuro para o D20 Modern?

Chris Perkins postou ontem (tudo tem que acontecer no dia que eu fico fora de casa por quase 16 horas….) em seu blog algumas idéias para o d20 Modern e o que pode ser feito com a linha após o lançamento da quarta edição do D&D e do D&D Insider.

At some point, I want to talk more about the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, and what we’re planning to do with it after the launch of 4th Edition. We’ve had conversations. Good ones. One thing I know we’re doing is planning d20 Modern content on D&D Insider. A good number of folks have asked for it. Frankly, we could use a few more good article and adventure proposals, too.

So, Andrew Finch came to me this morning with a great idea for what could be done with the d20 Modern magic and psionics subsystems, based on his experiences playing Force-users in the Star Wars RPG Saga Edition. He’d spent the weekend thinking about it, ‘cause that’s what people in R&D do when they’re not watching Heroes on DVD. I love hypothetical rules discussions. This particular conversation was arguably the best 15 minutes of my day, which, as it happens, is quickly coming to an end.

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