Revistas Dungeon e Dragon em PDF

Chris Thomasson postou em seu blog sobre a produção do material para o D&D Insider, em especial das nossas queridas revistas Dungeon e Dragon.

Such a sorry state of affairs. Here I’m one of the Insider producers, and I’m being out-posted by, well, everyone. It’s not that I forgot how much work went into magazines. It’s more like my brain blacked it out. The good news is that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’re creating so many new processes as we get ready to launch our first digital issues, that everything takes a bunch more time than it will, say, 6-8 months from now. At least, that’s the theory. The next few months we’ll be experimenting with everything, from our templates and formats to every kind of content imaginable.

At the end of October, our first pdf issues will be out. We finally have a page layout, which is great. It’s also interim/test material. We’ll be looking for feedback on everything. We’re already working on the 4th Edition versions, which I’m more excited about. What we’ll be rolling out in a month is a sort of hybrid in look between 3rd and 4th Edition. Our art director, Stacy, did an awesome job putting it together on short notice. It will be even better when we can fully commit to a 4E look.

Sim, no fim de Outubro teremos as revistas, e o melhor, o post acima confirma que serão compiladas em PDF e não algum formato maluco e cretino que só pode ser lido online como muita gente temia (eu entre eles!). E as primeiras duas edições devem rolar de graça como parte da demo do D&D Insider eeeee!

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