Turma dos Monstros

Andy Collins postou em seu blog falando do apêndice que está escrevendo para o Monster Manual da nova edição, que trata de como jogar com personagens que pertençam as raças deixadas fora do Player’s Handbook.

And now I’ll just mention that I’m working on an appendix for the Monster Manual that provides the basics on how to play some of the non-PH races appearing in the MM as PCs.

Which ones, you ask? Well, the final list is still under quite a bit of discussion, but options that have been floated ranged from aasimar (or as I like to call ‘em, the Awesomer) to warforged.

Goblins? Orcs? Kobolds? Hogboblins? Githyanki? Drow?

Maybe, maybe, maybe, I think you mean hobgoblins, maybe, and maybe.

(OK, probably yes on that last one. But don’t make them any promises…you know how vengeful those dark elves can be when they don’t get their way.)

Did somebody say minotaurs? Could be, could be, but we’d have to solve that pesky HD/LA problem first. Wait, my team’s been telling me they have a way to slice that particular Gordian knot. What good news for Andrew “Bullheaded” Finch!

Ok, eu sei que isso são opções e nada ainda está definitivamente fechado, mas por favor continuem no caminho certo e deixem os warforgeds e drows fora do maldito Player’s Handbook!!!





Alias, se quiserem deixar os drows totalmente fora da nova edição eu vou achar massa!

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