D de Diabo e T de Troll

Stephen Schubert fez um post sobre a letra D do Monster Manual – uma letra obviamente importante com todos os demônios, diabos e claro, dragões!

Monday was hell.

Or at least the monsters were. Or they were from there. We’re deep into the D’s now, and Monday was devil-day. D, by the way, is I think the most represented letter in the Monster Manual (while X and J continue to show why they are high-point Scrabble letters). It’s obvious, when you think about it: Demons, Devils, Drow, and, of course, Dragons.

But devils were hella fun to develop, and I’m pretty sure when your PCs fight devils like the Ice Devil or Chain Devil that it will be a memorable encounter. And the Pit Fiend truly lives up to his title of baddest devil of them all, at least in this Monster Manual. The fun part of demons and devils was massaging the monsters’ various powers to provide themes that run through the groups of monsters. When you fight demons, it’ll feel like a different fight than when you fight devils.

I found myself appreciating this work environment yesterday — where else can you call a meeting to ask how hot hell really is? (is it 5/round hot, 4d6 hot, or just 125 in the shade hot – the answer as it turns out, is “it depends”, and sometimes it’s even frozen) Hell is like an onion, see… or was that a layer cake? mm… cake…

Today is Dragon day. or at least the first Dragon day, as it is evident that there will be more dragons to deal with than we can slay in just one day. That’s a good thing, really.

Nem tem muito o que falar. Os demônios e diabos já são oponentes que me dão um bocado de medo, e em uma das últimas sessões que joguei um Pit Fiend já deu muito trabalho sem sequer estar muito interessado em matar o grupo! E de brinde o Bruce Cordell fala um pouco da letra T e da primeira aventura da quarta edição Keep on the Shadowfell:

A few MM entries yet linger–James has parceled them out among the writing team. I’ve got 4, including Treant and Troll. I’m done with all but the troll. Looks like the troll and its variants will garner a 2 page spread in the MM.

Of course, I am still moving forward on Keep on the Shadowfell, too. Today I put together an encounter involving a wide crater, where someone’s excavation now reveals fossilized remains of something nasty. The PCs are on the scene, looking for something they’ve lost.

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