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Last month, I shared the elf racial entry from the upcoming 4th Edition Player’s Handbook with you. It went over so well that I thought I’d do something like it again this month. This time, though, I’ve decided to dive into the Monster Manual files and see how that book is coming along. Just today, for example, Mike Mearls and I finished reviewing every minion and swarm in the book, making sure that the rules for these are clear, concise, and easy to use at the table. I was going to show you one of those, but while they’re all cool and great for the game, they aren’t anywhere near the sexiest monsters in the book. No, I want to share with you something meaty, something substantial, and something well and truly at the top of the pile of D&D monsters. Something new won’t work for this purpose, since I want you to be able to compare the 3E version to the 4th Edition version if you have a desire to make such a comparison.

For all these reasons and more (and because the art sketch by Arnie Swekel is just wonderful), I’ve settled on the pit fiend. Here’s the entry from the new Monster Manual in all its current glory. Enjoy!


Nobles of the Nine Hells, pit fiends form an elite ruling class that oversees vast numbers of lesser devils. Only the archdevils known as the Lords of the Nine stand higher than the pit fiends.

Each pit fiend is lord of a large domain within one of the layers of the Nine Hells and is vassal to the archdevil who rules that layer. A pit fiend might govern a city, command a fortress, lead a great legion, or serve as a seneschal or counselor for an archdevil. With the exception of Asmodeus, each Lord of the Nine commands no more than a dozen or so pit fiends.

As the lords, barons, viziers, and generals of the Nine Hells, pit fiends rarely confront adventurers in person. They are the progenitors of devilish schemes, and they step in only when important plans go awry or when great plots reach fruition. In the Nine Hells proper, pit fiends command vast numbers of lesser devils. Penetrating the defenses of a pit fiend’s castle and destroying the mighty devil in its own demesne is a deed of truly epic proportions.

This hulking devil stands 12 feet tall and has red scales, leathery wings, and a long whiplike tail. It carries a massive mace and wears an ornate breastplate decorated with evil runes and symbols.

Pit Fiend Level 26 Elite Soldier (Leader)
Large immortal humanoid (devil) XP 18,000
Initiative +22 Senses Perception +23; darkvision
Aura of Fear (Fear) aura 5; enemies in the aura take a –2 penalty on attack rolls.
Aura of Fire (Fire) aura 5; enemies that enter or start their turns in the aura take 15 fire damage.
HP 350; Bloodied 175
AC 44; Fortitude 42, Reflex 38, Will 40
Resist 30 fire, 15 poison
Saving Throws +2
Speed 12, fly 12 (clumsy), teleport 10
Action Points 1
Melee Flametouched Mace (standard; at-will) • Fire, Weapon
Reach 2; +31 vs. AC; 1d12+11 fire damage plus ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).
Melee Tail Sting (standard; at-will) • Poison
+31 vs. AC; 1d6+11 damage, and the pit fiend may make a free followup attack. Followup: +29 vs. Fortitude; ongoing 15 poison damage, and the target is weakened (save ends both effects).
Melee Pit Fiend Frenzy (standard; at-will)
The pit fiend makes a flametouched mace attack and a tail sting attack.
Ranged Point of Terror (minor; at-will) • Fear
Range 5; +30 vs. Will; the target takes a –5 penalty to all defenses until the end of the pit fiend’s next turn.
Ranged Irresistible Command (minor 1/round; at-will) • Charm, Fire
Range 10; affects one allied devil of lower level than the pit fiend; the target immediately slides up to 5 squares and explodes, dealing 2d10+5 fire damage to all creatures in a close burst 2. The exploding devil is destroyed.
Infernal Summons (standard; encounter) • Conjuration
The pit fiend summons a group of devil allies. Summoned devils roll initiative to determine when they act in the initiative order and gain a +4 bonus to attack rolls as long as the pit fiend is alive. They remain until they are killed, dismissed by the pit fiend (free action), or the encounter ends. PCs do not earn experience points for killing these summoned creatures. The pit fiend chooses to summon one of the following groups of devils:

  • 8 legion devil legionnaires (level 21), or
  • 2 war devils (level 22), or
  • 1 war devil (level 22) and 4 legion devil legionnaires (level 21)

Tactical Teleport (standard; recharge 4 5 6) • Teleportation
The pit fiend can teleport up to 2 allies within 10 squares of it. The targets appear in any other unoccupied squares within 10 squares of the pit fiend.
Alignment Evil
Languages Supernal
Skills Bluff +27, Intimidate +27, Religion +24
Str 32 (+24) Dex 24 (+20) Wis 20 (+18)
Con 27 (+21) Int 22 (+19) Cha 28 (+22)
Equipment flametouched mace, noble signet ring

Pit Fiend Tactics
A pit fiend fights close to its enemies, catching them in its aura of fear and aura of fire. On the first round of combat, it spends an action point to use infernal summons. It then uses point of terror against a tough-looking foe and tactical teleport to place two allies in flanking positions around that foe. With its remaining minor action, the pit fiend uses irresistible command on an ally within range.

A pit fiend alternates between point of terror and irresistible command, sometimes using both if it has a spare move action it can replace with a minor action. Otherwise, the pit fiend uses pit fiend frenzy, teleporting as needed to gain a better position.

A pit fiend does not sacrifice its life needlessly and makes a tactical retreat if death is imminent.

Pit Fiend Lore
A character knows the following information with a successful Religion check:

DC 25: Pit fiends are the nobles of the Nine Hells. Each pit fiend serves as a vassal to one of the nine archdevils and commands a fortress, city, or army in its master’s domain.

DC 30: Once every 99 years, a pit fiend can grant a mortal’s wish by performing a terrible ritual. Only the most powerful and promising of mortals are offered such a temptation.

DC 35: Well-known pit fiends include Baalzephon, one of the powerful circle of pit fiends known as the Dark Eight; Gazra, who governs the city of Abriymoch in Phlegethos, the Fourth Hell; and Baalberith, the major-domo of the palace of Asmodeus.

Ok, eles realmente deram uma boa simplificada no rapaz…

A Aura de Medo continua lá, mas agora é muito mais simples e fraca, com um mero redutor de -2. A Aura de Fogo é uma novidade divertida, e é interessante notar que nenhuma das duas permite um teste de Resistência. Os pontos de vida do Pit aumentaram em mais de 100, ainda que sua Constituição continue exatamente a mesma. Os saves também tiveram um aumento estratosférico, o que talvez indique uma mudança na forma como são calculados. Como já havia sido visto, as imunidades já eram, e até mesmo os lordes do inferno possuem agora uma resistência limitada de um determinado número de pontos de dano por ataque (no caso do Pit, 30 pontos em um ataque de fogo e 15 de veneno).

Falando em ataques, os do Pit ficaram bem mais fracos, e pelas minhas contas em uma rodada inteira de combate, usando o Melee Pit Fiend Frenzy para dar dois ataques, a Aura de Fogo e o genial Ranged Irresistible Command para explodir uns lacaios, o grandão causa aproximadamente 60 de dano, bem menos que a média de 95 de dano causada por todos os seis (!!) ataques que ele tinha na 3.5.

E se antes o Pit Fiend era um cara meio solitário, agora é cercado de lacaios que ele se torna realmente divertido. O Ranged Irresistible Command é muito divertido e causa um pequeno estrago em uma área, e me parece uma forma realmente bacana de dispensar os diabos que estejam no ponto de serem eliminados pelos aventureiros. O Pit pode invocar alguns desses pobres diabos (sacaram huh?) em todo encontro, e além de explodi-los em pedaços, ele também pode teleportar os rapazes em uma curta distância, de forma a flanquear e ter um maior controle do campo de batalha.

Eu gostei da nova ficha do Pit. Talvez ele não tenha ficado assim tão forte (Meteor Swarm e Quicken Fireball vão deixar saudades), mas me pareceu realmente muito mais simples de ser usado, com uma ficha muito mais limpa, e ainda assim, com um bom número de opções interessantes para um combate difícil e emocionante.

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  1. “XP 18,000”

    Vão mudar o esquema de ganho de experiencia?

  2. Diego disse:

    Eu também curti. Mas vou sentir falta da mordida infecciosa e do veneno. Aff…

    Parece que a Resistência a Magia também já era, assim como a redução de dano.

  3. Diego disse:

    Outra coisa que eu notei… parece que os monstros não vão ter mais listas de talentos. Ao menos, se todos seguirem a linha do Pit Fiend.

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